Bagged Community Supper Set for Nov. 24

PLAINFIELD – Plainfield’s Tuesday community supper tradition continues with bagged supper on November 24, at Grace United Methodist Church between 6 and 7 pm.

courtesy photo
Community Supper Support Group volunteer Monica White Matt recently helped supper participants with the meal options at Grace Church in Plainfield.

Meals are prepared and distributed in sanitary conditions. Any leftover meals will be distributed the following day, November 25, at the Onion River Foodshelf at the Old Schoolhouse Common in Marshfield, between 11 a.m. and closing.

Each month’s meal includes a two-portion supper in a bag. The main dish is prepared from Joe’s Kitchen in Montpelier (examples include macaroni and cheese, turkey vegetable soup, butternut squash soup, beef and black bean chili, etc.) along with two slices of bread from Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex, along with a wrapped and prepared baked dessert, either a brownie or a gluten-free special dish, and an apple. 

Volunteers from the Community Supper Support Group (CSSG) prepare the desserts, assemble the meals and sanitize the church where the meal is served out. Financial costs such as buying the soups are contributed by sponsoring families as well as individual donors, many of whom choose to be anonymous.

Anyone who would like to help out with contributions should contact notify Michael Billingsley at or would like to volunteer to help with CSSG chores associated with the suppers should contact Helen Rabin at (802) 454-7119.