Greensboro Community Celebrates Judy Dales

by Eleanor Guare

GREENSBORO – Saturday morning, October 17, outside the Greensboro United Church of Christ, many masked people joined to wish Judy Dales a happy 75th birthday.

photo by Vanessa Fournier
Judy Dales of Greensboro was surprised Saturday, Oct. 17 when she arrived at the United Church of Christ for an outside meeting. Friends wearing masks were there to wish her a Happy 75th birthday with prepackaged pieces of cake to go. The guest of honor briefly removed her mask for a quick photo.

Judy is a longtime resident of Greensboro and beloved member of her community. She is a world-renowned quilter and designer, moderator of the Greensboro United Church of Christ, leader of the Greensboro Lady Walkers Society, and facilitator of many community/church events, including the Halloween Village Walk.

Dales, a niece to the original Highland Lodge owners, grew up at the Highland Lodge before marrying her husband, Andy, and raising their two sons, Cameron and Christopher. The Dales lived and traveled within the US and abroad, including time in Germany and England, where Judy Dales first developed her love of quilting.

The Saturday gathering included a pre-cut and pre-packaged cake. Attendees were required to wear masks and respect social distancing. The Greensboro fire truck roared by with sirens to salute her. Along with flowers and balloons, Dales received a basket of cards and personal fabric swatches given by her many friends as recognition of her fiber artistry.