Enthusiasm and Support for Sims

To the editor:

Many years ago, a dear friend of mine, Dexter Randall of Troy, and I were talking about our concerns and hopes for the growth and vitality of the Northeast Kingdom. Dexter is a former Vermont state legislator, always attuned to the people of our communities.

In that spirit, Dexter recognized and expressed his enthusiasm and support for Katherine Sims, whom he’d recently met. Sims had emerged, even then, as a strong and positive leader in our communities, on behalf of NEK farmers and their families. Katherine Sims identifies and personifies the qualities which define Kingdom communities. Sims’ voice is unique, like the communities she will represent.

Katherine Sims consistently advocates for our children’s nutritional health and welfare. Katherine proposed innovative approaches to these issues, particularly joining schools, NEK producers and families together as agents of these positive concepts. I find Katherine Sims’ leadership distinctive, far-reaching in her potential to define the unique potential of the Kingdom.

Change is constant in all our lives. We are all experiencing change, most especially here in the Northeast Kingdom communities. Katherine’s presence and leadership in Montpelier will offer our communities long-hoped-for enhanced and enlightened leadership.

With Katherine Sims’ outstanding voice in the legislature, our families, farms and future prospects will finally have the champion we have been waiting for.

Peggy Sapphire