A Grasp for the Breadth of the Challenges

To the editor:

Participation in this upcoming election is more than an exercise in citizenship, it is a duty on a national and local level. The statewide legislative agenda includes reform for the tax system, health care, criminal justice, environment, schools, and infrastructure to name a few pressing items.

This task demands legislators that not only have a grasp for the breadth of the challenges, but the energy, curiosity, and determination to review and critically assess the viability of issues before our legislature. The ability to listen carefully and speak openly to arguments in a respectful manner are qualities I have personally observed in Chip, ones necessary to be successful in this arena. He is a tireless proponent of issues important to the average Vermonter.

Chip is currently the vice-chair of the House Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs as well as the chair of the Joint Committee on Judicial Retention. In the last legislative session Chip sponsored 8 bills and cosponsored 114, a testimonial to his hard work representing our district.

We need an energetic, dedicated advocate for the many demands of the citizens of the Caledonia-2 district and the state. I urge you to vote for Chip Troiano.

Jim Lewis
East Hardwick