Supporting John Rodgers for Senate

To the editor:

John has a record as a Senator that we in the NEK can be proud of!

John was raised on a farm in Glover, has his own business in Glover where he makes his living, and has worked hard in the Vermont legislature to preserve our culture, traditions, history, and rural


Elected in 2003 to the House of Representatives, serving for 8 years, and elected to the Vermont Senate in 2012, where he has served for eight years, John has extensive experience and knowledge of the system. His personal connections he has made over the years with people in both the House and Senate is extremely important in getting things accomplished. John, along with Senator Bobby Starr, has been a strong advocate for us in the NEK and all in rural Vermont.

John has an unwavering commitment to promote a vibrant agriculture and forest products economy in Vermont, for protecting land-use traditions, and for possessing the leadership skills to get positive things done on behalf of all the people he represents.

John is very deserving of another two-year term as Senator, as we face upcoming issues such as Act 250 Reform and other regulatory changes, which will shape the future of our state of Vermont.

Colleen Goodridge