Support for Katherine Sims for Representative

To the editor:

I am an independent voter, and this year I will be voting for Katherine Sims as our representative in Montpelier.

I do not vote along party lines … I never have! I vote for the candidate(s) that represent my values and show an ability to get things done for my town, Vermont, or in Washington.

I appreciate candidates that tell me what they plan to do, or have done, for the community. I take a very cautious approach to candidates that don’t seem to have any of their own ideas or plans (except, to criticize others). Negativity and attack ads don’t have any place in local politics (or any politics for that matter)! We need more people that can get things done and can stay focused on improving life in The Northeast Kingdom and for all Vermonters. Katherine is that choice!

Speaking of people that get things done, I have had the good fortune to work with, and alongside, Katherine in several committees and groups that we serve on in Craftsbury. She is smart, focused, and resourceful!

Katherine has shown me that she has the experience to bring people together. She strives for learning experiences and advocates thoughtful conversation that can impact my community. I’ve always found Katherine to be a positive, open listener, and she works very well with diverse groups. I know she will be a candidate for all people, regardless of party.

In the Northeast Kingdom, Katherine is the leader of The Northeast Kingdom Collaborative. This drives community development and identifies priorities for action. I have been impressed with her ability to work with numerous towns toward common goals. This includes very important issues such as broadband initiatives, childcare, and many others. All of these qualities and experiences will serve her (and us) well in Montpelier.

Please vote for Katherine Sims on November 3rd. Whether in-person, or by mail-in ballot — please vote. Thank you.

Rudy Chase