Pearl Will Bring Needed Perspective

To the editor:

I write in support of Henry Pearl for the Vermont State Legislature representing the towns of Cabot, Danville and Peacham. I strongly believe that Henry will bring an important and needed perspective to the Vermont Legislature as a parent of young children, a farmer and business owner, and as someone with experience in local government.

Henry grew up in a family with strong ties to the area. At the present time he and his wife, Alison, are operating the family farm as organic milk producers. His commitment to Vermont agriculture is long-standing. After graduation from Danville High School, Henry was selected for the 2+2 scholarship program which supports students who have a goal of pursuing a career in the dairy sector. Through this program, he completed two years at Vermont Technical College and finished his BS degree at the University of Vermont in Animal Science. Henry successfully acquired the knowledge and training necessary to be an effective and competitive member of the dairy industry, gained leadership skills, and importantly developed the skills needed to be part of a management team and to communicate with the public – all skills that will serve him well as a State Legislator.

I know firsthand the challenges a new member will face in the upcoming session. COVID has presented us with unprecedented uncertainty. Henry will study the issues, listen to all points of view before making decisions and work to find compromise to move important legislation forward. I have confidence that Henry has the attributes needed to become a valued and respected member of the Vermont House.

Henry is running for the House seat that I have filled for the past 12 years. I am confident that Henry will work hard on behalf of his constituents and that he will place a high priority on assisting them in every way possible. I hope you will join me in voting for Henry Pearl for the Caledonia-Washington-1 House District.

Kitty Toll