Maintain the Vermont We Know and Love

To the editor:

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Senator John Rogers. As a small farmer and hemp product producer, I am forever grateful for the legislation he has enacted in our Brave Little State. Senator Rogers has written and sponsored all the hemp bills in Vermont since 2012. This has made it possible to allow our new industry to flourish and has brought in many new jobs and significant investments into the state.

The Senator has been a tireless advocate for rural Vermonters; He sponsors and supports bills that encourage our way of life, while standing up for all Vermonters’ constitutional rights. Senator Rogers has worked in tandem with the Agency of Agriculture because he knows it is important to keep our working lands working.

We can also thank the Senator for sponsoring and shepherding the bill that allows us to enjoy the IPAs that have made Vermont famous. With his foresight and legal craft of allowing 8%+ beer, he enabled our local brewers to put the Green Mountain State on the map. Senator Rogers is a true supporter of the Vermont I want to live in. Please place you vote for Senator John Rogers in this election, so we can maintain the Vermont we all know and love.

Colin Nohl