Chip Cares and Works for Those Most in Need

To the editor,

I am writing to encourage citizens of Hardwick, Stannard and Walden to join me on November 3 in voting to re-elect Chip Troiano to the State House as our representative.

During his years in the legislature, Chip has shown again and again that he cares about and works for those most in need. He has prioritized issues that address the concerns of the elderly, of those afflicted by substance abuse, and of our veterans. When Chip chooses to advocate for a cause he does so tirelessly, eloquently, and in concert with his colleagues in the legislature.

Most recently, Chip took on the cause of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. With his support we can now look forward, within the next two years, to a completed multi-use trail spanning the state from the Connecticut River to Lake Champlain. Included along its course are both Walden and Hardwick. This venture should provide an economic boost to our area by attracting tourists year-round.

We are lucky to have Chip as our representative. He sees his job as a full-time assignment, not as a four-month stint from January to April. Please help re-elect him on November 3.

Brendan Buckley
East Hardwick